high power actuators by piezosystem jena


hpower ring actuators empowers the next level of fast compression x-ray diffraction experiments

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory uses hpower piezo configuration for fast and precise pressure generation. The possibility of applying finely tuned pressure profiles opens opportunities for future research, such as using oscillations of the piezo actuator to mimic propagation of seismic waves in the Earth.

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More options for hpower actuators:

Measure up to 750g with the new acceleration sensor

For applications such as vibration excitation or motion control, acceleration is a crucial measurement and control variable. With the new hpower acceleration sensor it is now possible to measure the acceleration caused by the actuator.


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Power you can count on:

Integrated force sensor for hpower actuators

hpower is offering the world’s first integrated force sensor for high power actuators. As an additional option for hpower actuator, the sensor element is fully integrated into actuator’s casing, making it possible to directly and precisely measure both static and dynamic forces up to 10kN...

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