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Testing Technology

testing technology

Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineering

Automotive & Aerospace

automotive & aerospace

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testing technology

material testing

Due to the high force generation of up to 50kN, hpower actuators can be used as drives for various types of material tests. Its high dynamic characteristics enable a high number of cycles and thus a significant reduction of test duration, e.g. in fatigue tests. Furthermore, hpower shakers can also be used in defect analysis, such as shearography, where high-frequency, broadband vibration excitation is required.

vibration testing

Due to their tunability over a wide frequency range with peak frequencies of up 100 kHz, our hpower shakers are perfectly suited for vibration excitation of various structures and components. We offer widespread range of designs and sizes, so you can use our hpower actuators and shakers in diverse areas of vibration generation, be it in the modal analysis of complicated structures, coupling virbations into materials for detecting defects (Virbothermography) or in the vibration testing of entire assemblies.

acceleration test

hpower actuators perform with high repeatability and fast accelerations – ideal premises for high-frequency acceleration tests. The underlying piezo technology enables the control of any waveform (sinusoidal, noise/random, customer-specific signal shapes) with almost instantaneous action. For shock tests, hpower shock generators can be used to generate mechanical shocks with accelerations of up to 10,000g.

mechanical engineering

precision machining

hpower actuators combine high-precision positioning and extreme force generation of up to 70kN. They can be used as drives in a wide variety of material processing applications, for precise tool guidance during precision turning, which enables the production of components of highest precision or as generator of vibrations for drilling and cutting tools.

forming technology

Today’s and future forming technology needs tools that can position heavy loads with absolute precision. hpower actuators generate movements that are accurate down to the nanometer, while moving loads up to 50kN.

joining and welding technology

Accuracy and durability are two important objectives in modern joining technology. Just take the example of "micro hammering", in which components are pressed into one another by means of impact adjustment.  Here hpower actuators can achieve high forces and levels of precision, which makes them the perfect drive for this application.

automotive & aerospace

vibration damping

Active vibration damping plays an increasingly important role to avoid unintentional vibrations. Their high bandwidth and extreme load capacity, makes hpower actuators the right tool for synchronize vibrations in the expected range.

valve control

hpower actuators have an extremely short response time in the range of µs's. Combining this with high position accuracy and you will have the perfect drive for high performance valves and injectors.

Where hpower makes the difference.

hpower products are used wherever high frequencies and large forces are required. These can be controlled with absolute precision without delay. The combination of high performance with compact design make them a unique driving technology. Learn more about exciting applications by leading research institutes.


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