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high power actuators by piezosystem jena
Power that moves

power That Moves


Motion is everywhere. In nearly every industrial application there are parts that need to be moved in conditions. As technological progress advances, many of these applications demand for faster, more powerful and more precise movements - dynamic motions are needed.


hpower actuators from piezosystem jena combine fastest response times, superior dynamics, high force generation and nanometer precision in a way that is unmatched by any other linear driving system. The actuation can be obtained without any mechanical wear, making our actuators extremely durable.

Be it the reduction of test time in material testing, increasing precision of tooling machines, increasing the frequency range in vibration testing or any other application that requires highly dynamical and precise, but yet powerful motion – High Power Actuators by piezosystem jena are the ideal choice to improve the performance of your application.


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Why hpower actuators?

High dynamic

High dynamic

all states of motion possible for shock acceleration to incremental pressure increase


Strong forces

actuators can generate forces for up to 50kN and can bear loads of up to 70kN

Extreme acceleration

Extreme Acceleration

Up to 18 000 g acceleration without transversal motion.

Instant action

Instant action

acceleration and breaking with triggering in the microsecond range

High frequency

High frequency

up to 70kHz,easy to tune



can be used under extreme temperatures from -60 °C up to +200 °C, no internal mechanical play means almost unlimited life time

Product Description

High Power Actuators are build in
a flexible stack type design


They are easily to customize to perfectly fit to the customers needs. Stack actuators, ring actuators, Shakers and shock-actuators, all of them are manufactured very carefully by hand from our experienced team.

They are sealed and protected
against external environments


A lot of options are available on request: thermostable version for optimzed heatmanagement, attached strain gauge sensor or temperature sensor, higher preload, different head pieces, what ever is neccessary to fit best to your application.



Amplifiers that match!


Our selection of amplifiers is custom developed for hpower actuators. Choose from high bandwith amplifiers for shaker systems, systems with peak output power for shock actuators or high power RCV amplifiers for the best combination of high frequencies and high travel ranges.


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About hpower

hpower actuators are developed by piezosystem jena, in cooperation with Piezomechanik GmbH. Together we are experts in dynamic motion technology. hpower actuators inherit decades of expertise in the field of piezo technology, as well as customer feedback from various industries and application based experience.

With hpower actuators, our team is going the next step: You are the expert of your application and we know the performance of our technology. Together with you, we develop motion solution to solve current and future technical and business challenges.

We will not just find the right actuator for you, we will make sure that our system works in your environment. hpower actuators are based on different modules of actuators and contollers. These modules are adapted and combined to solve your specific actuation task. Therefore, we reduce development cycles while guaranteeing product quality and manufacturing scalability.

Being dynamic is our highest priority, for our products and our mindset.

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