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Power that moves

power That Moves

Who we Are

In today’s industry environment, speed, efficiency, and power are the determining factors for success. At Hpower Motion we have designed the fastest and most powerful piezoelectric actuators to match the demands of the rapidly evolving technology of today. Hpower Motion piezoelectric actuators use the inverse piezoelectric theory to translate electrical energy directly into high speed, high force motion with precision down to the nanometer. Aerospace, medical technology, energy, advanced electronics/MEMS, manufacturing, research; all of these fields utilize high powered piezo actuators to improve their technology through design integration or testing and expanding their capabilities. Hpower Motion allows users to take their technology to the next phase. Talk to us today about how to get your application into motion.


hpower actuators from piezosystem jena combine fastest response times, superior dynamics, high force generation and nanometer precision in a way that is unmatched by any other linear driving system. The actuation can be obtained without any mechanical wear, making our actuators extremely durable.

Be it the reduction of test time in material testing, increasing precision of tooling machines, increasing the frequency range in vibration testing or any other application that requires highly dynamical and precise, but yet powerful motion – High Power Actuators by piezosystem jena are the ideal choice to improve the performance of your application.


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Why hpower actuators?

High dynamic

High dynamic

all states of motion possible for shock acceleration to incremental pressure increase


Strong forces

actuators can generate forces for up to 50kN and can bear loads of up to 70kN

Extreme acceleration

Extreme Acceleration

Up to 18 000 g acceleration without transversal motion.

Instant action

Instant action

acceleration and breaking with triggering in the microsecond range

High frequency

High frequency

up to 70kHz,easy to tune



can be used under extreme temperatures from -60 °C up to +200 °C, no internal mechanical play means almost unlimited life time

Product Description

The Hpower Difference


Traditional piezo actuators are built from ceramic and internal metal electrode layers stacked in their soft state that are then sintered. Our actuators are comprised of pre sintered PZT discs stacked on top of each other with a high-performance adhesive. The inserted layer electrodes are made from separate thin metal foils. This difference creates a stiffer and lower capacity stack, allowing for increased blocking forces and dynamic capabilities. Hpower actuators also are made with a unique insulation method by preparing the insulation gap on the stacks surface, allowing the piezoelectric surface to be 100% electroded and activated homogeneously. This manufacturing difference makes them more stable allows for full utilization of the stack’s capabilities. Traditional piezos would breakdown or crack under the conditions we demand of our systems.

Customizable to your application.


hpower actuators are available in different dimensions and can be combined with many options, such as: thermostablility, strain gauge- , temperature-, force-, and acceleration sensors, higher preload and different head pieces - what ever is neccessary to fit best to your application. All options are seamlessly integrated into non-magnetic stainless steel casings.



Amplifiers that match!


In order to utilize our actuators increased capability, our stacks are paired with our Hpower Amplifiers. These systems generate signals up to 1200 Volts over amperage ranges from 8mAmp up to 200Amps, with bandwidths that reach 70kHz (100kHz with certain systems). Each amplifier is designed for different performance parameters, whether it be high speed, 10’s of kilohertz applications, or generating shock values up to 18,000g’s. Talk to us today about your application, and we can deliver a perfectly matched amplifier and actuator system.


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About hpower

hpower actuators are developed by piezosystem jena, in cooperation with Piezomechanik GmbH. Together we are experts in dynamic motion technology. hpower actuators inherit decades of expertise in the field of piezo technology, as well as customer feedback from various industries and application based experience.

With hpower actuators, our team is going the next step: You are the expert of your application and we know the performance of our technology. Together with you, we develop motion solution to solve current and future technical and business challenges.

We will not just find the right actuator for you, we will make sure that our system works in your environment. hpower actuators are based on different modules of actuators and contollers. These modules are adapted and combined to solve your specific actuation task. Therefore, we reduce development cycles while guaranteeing product quality and manufacturing scalability.

Being dynamic is our highest priority, for our products and our mindset.

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