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Press release
April 3rd, 2020

Power you can count on:

The world’s first piezo actuator with an integrated force sensor – exclusively by hpower


The team of hpower has developed a new sensor technology to directly measure the output force of high voltage piezo actuators. As an additional option for the hpower stack line, the sensor element is fully integrated into actuator’s casing, making it possible to directly and precisely measure both static and dynamic forces up to 10kN. The forces sensor allows to characterize the performance of the actuator set up by the relationship of stroke, frequency and force, therefore enabling to further finetune the application set up. The integration of the sensor directly into the actuator’s casing does not the compromise the space of the application and avoids direct mechanical links.

The integrated force sensor for hpower actuators is available for the series VS25, VS35 and VS45. The measurement system is individually calibrated to the desired force range. The maximum measurement range lies between 0 and +5kN in compression and 0 to 10kN after special calibration. The force detected by the sensor element is then converted to an analog output voltage (0…+10V) by a separate signal amplifier. The amplifier electronics are integrated in a robust metal casing with compact dimensions. All connectors are easily accessible at the front side. The device comes with a 12V power supply. Hpower force sensors are available now and can be ordered under the PST VS F-Series.

Product Highlights:

  • Integrated force sensor element
  • Separate signal amplifier
  • measurement range: 0kN to +5 kN
  • measurement range: 0kN to +10 kN (after special calibration)
  • compact design
  • robust metal casing



  • material testing
  • vibration control
  • modal analysis


about hpower:

hpower actuators are based on different modules of high-voltage piezo actuators and controllers. These modules can be adapted and combined based on the specific actuating task. Hpower actuators can generate force of up to 50 kN, frequencies of 70 kHz, while achieving nanometer resolution. This new line of solid state actuating is the result of the close cooperation between piezosystem jena and Piezomechanik GmbH, both experts in dynamic motion technology.

For more information visit hpowermotion.com or just givememore@hpowermotion.com

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