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More options for hpower actuators:

Measure up to 750g
with the new acceleration sensor

For applications such as vibration excitation or motion control, acceleration is a crucial measurement and control variable. With the new hpower acceleration sensor it is now possible to measure the acceleration caused by the actuator. The compact signal amplifier with variable gain provides an output voltage proportional to the actuator’s acceleration. With this, the user has access to yet another important metrological quantity additional to the actuator’s position and generated force.

With a frequency range from 1Hz to 25 kHz the sensor system covers the acceleration range of hpower actuators. Its compact design enables the installation even in very confined spaces. The acceleration sensor is available as an additional option for all hpower actuators. Every Sensor is individually calibrated.



Product Highlights:

  • miniature sensor element
  • separate signal amplifier
  • measurement range: ± 750 g (gravitational acceleration)
  • frequency range: 1Hz … 25 kHz
  • output voltage: ±10 V
  • battery powered
  • 5VDC power supply (USB Micro-B)


The acceleration sensor is yet another option for hpower actuators, which can also be configured with closed loop sensor control, temperature sensor, force sensor, thermo stable version, cryo- and vacuum preparation. More information under https://www.hpowermotion.com/actuators


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